Realize my big range of preferences. Be part of my lust. My dominant lust for submission and pain.
Of you.
Starting with hard interrogation and my pleasure in giving you pain and wonderful red skin to the pleasures of sensual play is all part of the wide range of the things I love to do.
The bandwidth of my lust is big and varied.
The chance is high to get in harmony with your submissive preferences.
Come to me with all of your feelings, thoughts and your secret fetishes.

Here are some of my preferences:

  • Foot fetish, stockings and garter belts, nylons, trampling, high heels, boots. It's a wonderful feeling to see you sometimes under and sometimes at my feet. To feel the passion, you adore them, cuddle and love them or get smashed under them.
    If it should be that way you can also feel my endless legs. Realize my high heels and boots, my body weight presses itself through my heels into your body. Present me the wonderful feeling of seeing you under my feet.
  • The look of red skin
    My flogger, my cane
    also my big hands
    create special trails
    makes me hot, let my blood flush quicker and brings me into extasy.
    If I see the trails of my work.
    Hear your painful shouts
    and have the look of your body winding and changing
    In wonderful transition

  • Tantric dominance, sensualplay and bondage. Explore my sensual side. My pleasure for sensual domination. The game of sensuality and eroticism has several different faces. There are many ways from touch to pain. Let me guide and touch you. The moment. The anticipation of what is to come. The passion of intensity. Sense it.
    Touch is varied, individual, passionate. Allow yourself.

  • There is too much to write everything. My preferences have many sides. Here are some notes of my obsessions:

    • Breathplay
    • Accompaniment to fetish events – Enjoy an escort of the kinky kind
    • Strap on
    • Nipletortoure
    • Electricity play
    • kidnapping:
      Let me kidnap you. Realise how it feels to be totally under my power. My power. You need a strong hand to guide you.

    • Education from classic to bizarr. Hard or soft
      Long term education up to 24 hrs, day and/or overnight sessions. School education and classes possible. Feel my cane!

    • Facesitting
    • Face sitting
    • Face slapping
    • Restraints
    • Humiliation
    • Hair pulling
    • Castration fantasies (A great pleasure for me as a Transdomina...)
    • Latex
    • Mummification
    • Needle play/play piercing
    • Outdoor
    • Petplay
    • Shaving/waxing
    • Roleplaying
    • Slave training
    • Interrogation/Torture
    • Slave demonstrations/being shown off
    • Forced feminization

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